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Teradata Corporation is a provider of database and analytics-related software, products, and services. The company was formed in 1979 in Brentwood, California, as a collaboration between researchers at Caltech and Citibank's advanced technology group.


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Current Employee - Customer Experience Manager says

"Terrible work life balance now. The expectation is definitely nights and weekends. Rudderless management-we've had several CEO's just in the past 3-4 years. Now we have yet another one. They just announced that layoffs are coming in October. Everyone is walking around with a dazed look on their face. Layoffs are nothing new to Teradata (happens every quarter), but this is apparently going to be a BIG one. Unless you are a recent college graduate in the San Diego area, I would RUN away from Teradata. You can thank me later."

Current Employee - Vice President says

"Leadership have no vision for the company and don't understand what Teradata actually does. Employees are giving up because there of no real leadership or vision - executives are slowly undoing all of the good"

Technical Lead (Former Employee) says

"Entirely manager driven company. Everything happens as per manager’s will. Promotions are the biggest proof as it depends on your manager if he wants to promote you, not your performance! He will come up with a lame excuse to not promote. If you are lucky you will land under a good manager and your career will not suffer. HRs themselves are extremely unprofessional and unethical. There is no culture of receptive feedback. Employees can’t share their opinions/ experiences about managers/HRs freely. High politics prevail and horrible culture is there within."

Account Executive SE US (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, poor integration of Teradata and Aprimo, terrible training, did not take advantage of existing customers, Manager not engaged, management turnoverWe appreciate hearing from you. We're sorry you didn't have a better experience, but we wish you the best."

Senior Software engineer (Former Employee) says

"I am giving this review with honest, do not think that i have any rival with Teradata. I have been working from past 2 years Bad management, no benefits, no hikes, no onsites, no good work culture, no respect, only politicts, squeeze you like any thing. when you talk about work, its kind of scrap work, by doing it you will lose what you have. no encouragement to learn new things, they will put you the project they want, no option given to you..no respect to your interests.. they dont care you stay or leave. No lunch, no team outings, not even single other activities.No pros, only consIts a big list"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I was hired as a CSR and due to being new I had to work and travel alot. I was also on call all the time. There is no balance between home and work life, I was either working on call or traveling and my Family life suffered due to it. When I ask my boss if their was a was to limit my travel and on call so I could have some family time, Was told that I was with the company only a year and didn't earn the right to asked that question. My advice is if you value your family time stay clear of this company.TrainingHealthcare, pay, Management and premotions"

Developer (Former Employee) says

"Layoffs, low morale, bad management, no vision. Company has dressed earnings using non GAAP reporting in prior years. They are just milking the database technology built in the 80s and have no strategy to compete with cloud native DW providers. Stay away unless you love pain and love working 24/7 only to find the company has folded.We appreciate your review. There is a concerted effort to deliver on any change communicated by our leadership, much of which has happened within the last two years. Our product vision remains strong, and our product proves it. Teradata was recognized with the highest score amongst all of the vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2020. Still, we understand frustrations that might stem from change. We wish you the best in your next endeavor."

SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"All new management with little Teradata Knowledge or experience making all the business decisions, mostly poor. Too many hours, too many new people, lot's of layoffs (expect 2 a year).The building redesign, free on site health club.Layoffs, new management, cloudy direction."

Business Analyst / PS Consultant (Current Employee) says

"company like any other company. Nothing great, Nothing sad. Okish work culture. The PMs at client side are horrible specially those working at bank."

Sales Exec (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company. Ran like the old NCR company. In real financial trouble. Find work elsewhere. Management is out of touch with the changes in the industry. Very old school company.NoneCompany is dying"

Partner/Programme manager (Former Employee) says

"Interesting business in the Data Warehousing and Bid Data business areas. Focus on Licence and HW business, developing its consulting capabilities.HQ office in the centre of LondonMainly HW and Licence business"

PS Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Saboteaban mi trabajo y con ello me retrasaba y quedaba mal ante el cliente o usuario final, la peor experiencia que tuve laboralmente.Planilla y sueldo por encima del promedioTrabajaba más de 10 horas a veces y el ambiente era malisimo respecto a las personas"

Junior Technical Associate (Former Employee) says

"Mumbai office is hopeless. They allocate job profiles, mindlessly. Lots of confusion. Even after allocation to projects, there was lot of reshuffling. People were shifted projects, after being allocated for a month. Airoli office, doesn't have a hygienic canteen. Even after lots of complaints, nothing has changed. There is no transport facilities in Airoli office, not even for night shift people. They don't have much projects and very few good managers are there.Hi there. We're sorry you haven't had a better experience at the Mumbai office, but we appreciate your candid feedback."

Sales Executive/Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great work life balance because managers cared more about their own agenda instead of working to make the company successful. Practices and processes lack innovation. I left Teradata because I was scared of being irrelevant in my career. Comp plan became a disincentive I witnessed many of my peers careers bring stalled. They don’t give you the tools to advance or keep up with current business practices or technology. Multiple reorgs and downsizing is demotivating. This company is shrinking when the competition is growing. HR is a train wreck and lack humanity.Work from home. Pockets of smart and dedicated peopleMediocre tools and practices. Dying technology"

Senior Delivery Lead (Former Employee) says

"In a reorganization process, there is a lack of communication between management and the team"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lots of churn. You will need to chart your course carefully. Great products. Lots of politics. You need to keep your head down. Less politics within teams."

Cloud Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Worked on a newer cloud product and Management has zero vision. Avoid if you want to save your sanity. They have no visibility into cloud vs on-premise and are still, completely reliant on large physical hardware."

Technical Lead (Current Employee) says

"- Nothing much to be said. - No processes. - No performance goals or reviews. - Architects clueless. - NO MERITOCRICY. - Most people work 11 - 5pm and produce mediocre unplanned outcome. - No snacks. - VP makes work hard and then drops the product. - VP left in the middle of his own project. - Constant change in directions. - Constant attrition.NoneYou will forget all good engineering practices you hadWe're sorry you have a poor opinion of working with us. But we can also say that your peers do not share that perspective.Teradata employees rate our company higher than average on Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits, Work-Life Balance, Culture & Values, and Senior Management. We instituted our new Power Your Potential goal-setting and evaluation process this year, and our business performance has exceeded expectations quarter after quarter this year. Lastly, as someone who works in Santa Clara, I can assure you there are *tons* of free snacks. It's all I can do to keep from going into the lunch room... Seriously, I hope you take a fresh look at your team and all that has been accomplished with our exciting new Teradata Vantage release. We rise as one!"

FTE (Current Employee) says

"Poor work culture Very hierarchical Very management heavy Very process heavy No scope for promotion or raise for existing employees unless you threaten to quit"

Senior R&D Director (Current Employee) says

"Great history but currently transitioning to a SaaS world and struggling. Most likely an acquisition target at this point."

Managing Partner (Former Employee) says

"Management is not open to suggestions, and continues to make decisions without supporting data. Recent changes from industry to geo-based for sales and support organizations was made quickly without understanding culture and customer impact. Current organizations are now competing for the same customer, confusing the customer in the process. In a recent customer presentation, three different organizations all claimed they were the primary customer focus. The customer recognized this confusion, and consequently dismissed the group, saying "come back when you figure it out". Additionally, senior architects are scratching their heads on how we are expected to design solutions when competition ingest rates can hit 65TB/hour, with immediate access to data for analytics"

Project Manager & Senior Lotus Notes Developer (Current Employee) says

"The corporate solution to fiscal issues is to layoff employees. There is never any attempt to fix the problem that caused the issue. The issues are usually poor upper management schoice in corporate direction."

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